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My 13th Impression

       I feel like most of us aren't real with ourselves. Which makes it hard to be real with others. This is where most problems stem from whether its suicide,cheating, lying,anxiety,judging,shyness etc. We all do things based off an opinion of others and society. The people and things around us help form our beliefs, attitudes and doings.That is why I believe its important to be the best version of yourself at all times. Looking back at who I was 3 years ago Im so proud of who I have become. I feel like nothing and no one can stop me, and I mean nothing ! The position I put myself in mentally is beyond this world and it starts with loving life, loving my life and loving me. I need all of us to be on this level because whether you believe it or not what you do is affecting me, my friends, my friends children and my future children and I can't have y'all out here fucking up the vibes.You can become the person that inspires you. As I am continuing to grow mentally,emotionally and spiritually I decided that I need to bring everyone on board with me. It doesn't matter where you are in life, we can all help each other. I hope to create a platform for all of us to feel comfortable expressing ourselves, because thats the first step in leveling up.

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