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Sassy B*tch

Sassy B*tch

2017 is coming to an end and the one thing that I could say I that has been confirmed is that in fashion , there are no fckn rules ! Right ? We all knew that. Fashion is art and in art there are no rules.

Like when we were young and would wear our sweats our parents wouldnt allow us to leave them unbuttoned and now look.. its a look ! The sweats Im wearing in these photos are from Dolls Kill, my favorite place to shop. Dolls Kill isn't a brand but a culture that sells brands that cater to the misfits culture :) The brand is Kiki Riki . I got them on sale for $12 ! Yes $12. The retail price for pants like these with this material can range from $35-$60+ . So I consider myself lucky :)

My shirt is from Poshmark so I dont know the exact brand because there is no tag only the size label but you can probably google Lisa Simpson Sassy Bitch crop and find it on Depop or Poshmark. After one or two wears I'll probably pass this on so you can follow my Poshmark (13thempression) to see when its up for grabs (sisterhood of the traveling crop) . I believe I paid $15 for this crop top. It has a zipper on the side which makes it easy to put on especially with big boobs. 

Another rule I am breaking here (according to my mom) is heels with sweat pants. Like bitch, are you working out or are you going out ? I dont fckning know, but I look cute. I got these heels probably last year from the $9.88 shoe warehouse in Deerfield Beach FL. Its my favorite store and I get most of my shoes there. Idc , I buy cheap shxt and still look better than you in all designer. Dat way ! So yeah , these shoes were $10 :) Also may be putting these on my poshmark account in the near future.

So in total my outfit is $37 !

Check back here every few days for more fashion fun ! 

Im a sassy bitch not a stingy one, so I never mind sharing where I get my shxt from :)

muah xoxo

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