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My body. My choice.

My body , My choice. If I wanna wear fishnets with no fckn shorts underneath , I can do that. Feel me ? This slogan can be used in all aspects of life.. not only towards pro-choice campaigns. (I am wearing pink shorts underneath this by the way :) )

Im not wearing much clothes in this outfit so this should be short & fun.

The main attraction here is my shirt ! The brand is Cross Colours LA ! Love this brand & its style and message. ( CLOTHING WITHOUT PREJUDICE SINCE 1989 !) I bought this shirt at Dolls Kill pop up sale in SF for $12 ! The actual price Im not sure of but Im guessing anywhere between $30 & $40. There was only an XL size left of this shirt and ya girl was not leaving it . With that being said ... my body , my choice. I dont need to wear my size if I dont want to ! ;p

My boots are pink suede & I got them for $10 at my favorite shoe warehouse in deerfield. I added pins to them but most of them fell off. :( 

My pink fishnets are from Claire's and I got them on a buy 3 get 3 free sale that was going on in Sacramento . They were probably about $5 .

This cute little heart bag Is from Dolls Kill got this on sale as well for $5 at the pop up shop. I believe the brand is Sugar Thrillz. 

So how much does it cost to get this look ? Twenty two fckn dollars ! 


    :) <3

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