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Phall Back ! 

Fall is definitely fckn here in the Bay and ya girl is not used to it ! Living in Florida you always have a few sweaters just in case it hits 60 degrees for a few days but its not usually anything too fly, just like a hoodie from your highschool sports team or something like that, haha. So here is my attempt at being warm & fly with minimal options in my closet.

So my whole fit is from the thrift store :) . My pants are reallly cheap material like almost as thing as the material used for shower caps but I am wearing tights underneath for warmth. I paid $1.50 for these.

My yellow hoodie was from GoodWill and was $3 it also does not have a name brand on it.


My colorful jacket I bought at a thrift store in Boca Raton for $8 a few years back. Its one of my favorite jackets!

The highlight of this outfit in my opinion are my shoes! They honestly made this outfit. I love how they look like timbs but with platforms. Amazing ! I got these from my favorite store DollsKill for $20 on there sample sale a few months back. Best buy everrrrrrr. They super comfy and only like 3inches high so can be super casual. I can walk a mile in these shoes and be good. Love love love them.

So how much does it cost to look this fly ?









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