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First fckn month. :)

It’s the first week of October so it’s just past one month!

(We got married August 22nd 2020 btw, in case you didnt care to read previous post)

We didn’t do much celebrating, just some sushi and tequila shots :) , since we were both unsure of what our future were to hold due to some fckd up people. First week of September we embarked on our first road trip. Hundreds of miles and hours on hours of being in the car together and we made it through, no arguments! I just had to get on him a few times about speeding. Our first few days in new state has been CRAZYYYYY. Like you know when you hear people say when the devil sees you happy he will try everything to take it away. Boyyyy was that ngga MrSatan working! Well for starters my whole plan that I thought I had secured for the move was taken from us. We had to think of and start a brand new course of action, quickly. This directly affected us financially. Our Airbnb that was suppose to be ready for our first month until we found a permanent place was fckd as well as other things I wish not to disclose :) Not to mention as we’re inside watching a movie on our 4th day of arrival a young irresponsible driver who was not on the insurance for his parents car hits our PARKED car. And you know how it is when the driver is not insured. It was hell. Our car that we haven’t even had for a month yet , didn’t even get to pay the first car payment was not drivable and had to be sent to mechanic. Ha! Just a big joke. I mean that’s pretty much what we continued to do, laugh. Through all of these negative events (which some I did not mention) we still had it in us to smile, laugh and play together. The pressure that we had on us can cause relationships to fold and brew a lot of arguments. I knew that this would never be an issue with my husband. In our marriage, being resilient, with or without each other is what we value. Being able to bounce back from any setback , whether financially or emotionally, I know I have a rider. I value our light heartedness to forgive and be understanding of mishaps and mistakes, to not play the blame game and still love unconditionally. I value our friendship. The most. That we are lovers AND friends. It just feels really cool being married to him. Stuck. Forever. My soulmate. Born to Chinese parents in Suriname, grew up in Jamaica, moved to Tx, then to my hometown Fort Lauderdale where we met, at work! I feel like he did maaddd traveling just to get to me lol. But sometimes that’s how it be, you don’t really know where your soulmate be at. And I’ve been patient and damn well deserving of a man like him. I’ve dated many men in my life and he’s the best around... for me. I think we both sometimes really just be thinking about how we met and how perfect we are for each other, like damn, we some blessed mfckrs. Our timeline isn’t traditional and our relationship had some obstacles but we’re happy, together,and that’s all I really give a fck about :) This post is really just for me to say that I wouldn’t wanna be struggling or going through hardships with anyone other than him. He makes everything so easy. And if we got through this heavy ass storm together I know we’ll get through anything. If you can’t go through or get through HARD TIMES & HARDSHIPS with your partner then do you really deserve them ? Nothing in this world is a coincidence. God’s plan. God’s speed. God bless!

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