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    So all my Caribbean followers should know about the reggae gold albums that came out back in the 90s and early 2000's and our parents would bump that shit in the car all the time and that's how you know all the good chunes that came out during that era. Dancehall back then was amazing and its still bumpin to this day and whenever they have a throwback session at a Jamaican party it's my favorite part of the party. 

This outfit is inspired by Dancehall in the 90s and early 2000's. I was thinking of calling the segment Strictly the Best or Stone Love Sound but I think Reggae Gold fits perfectly. 


So the top that I'm wearing is a jersey like top from Urban Outfitters and I got this on sale I believe for $9 in Sacramento. UO was having a huge sale where everything was like 80% off I think and I actually got a lot of clothes during the sale that are fye!

    The mesh I'm wearing underneath it is kind of like a romper jumper thing that are like cut offs and I got that from DollsKill.  The brand is K Too and I purchased this for $12 on their sale in the pop up shop in San Francisco.  This is one of my new favorite items because I think it's very versatile and I can wear it underneath things and I'm gonna try it out where I wear it over something and it's just really sexy so I can also substitute as lingerie when I'm feeling a little kinky even though I don't have a man to please at the moment. 

   My sneakers I bought online from Ankara Blvd  I believe for $50 (which included a 15% discount I got from spinning a wheel on the site! )and to me that was worth it. The shoes make a huge statement and  speak volumes in my opinion. $50 is well spent when supporting a black business and they look cute as fuck so I didn't really hesitate to buy them. 

Total = $72 head to toe! 


$$hack :: download DHgate app to possibly find these sneakers at a lower price. They may be made and shipped from China so will most likely take a month to deliver but at least you can save money this way :) 


This outfit makes me wanna roll a joint! Somebody tell Noelle to bring the Backwoods !

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